Hong Kong Nursing Association UK


英國香港護士協會(Hong Kong Nursing Association UK),是由多位身處英國的香港護士於2021年所成立之非牟利官方組織。本會的兩大創立目的,首先是團結所有在英國從事護理行業的香港護士,讓我們可以在英國生活時互相鼓勵扶持。同時,我們亦為計劃前來英國從事護理行業的香港醫護人員提供各類相關支援及資訊。


Hong Kong Nursing Association UK (HKNAUK) is the official organization which is established by a group of Hong Kong nurses who are living and working in the UK. Our aims are to connect all the nurses from Hong Kong, provide information, pastoral care and support those who are planning to or already been in the UK in order to promote integration and retention.

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